Bridging Gap Between Field and Fork Nourish Network Forms




Toronto ­ 01/12/2016  


Having lost $18 billion USD in market share since 2009, big food brands in North America are   under pressure to close the gap between field and fork and deliver authentic, genuine food experiences.    


Nourish Food Marketing, agri­marketing specialist Kahntact, and government relations experts,   The GPS Group, are coming together under the Nourish Network​brand to offer fully integrated   “Field to Fork” marketing, PR, and government relations services.  


Steve Peters, former Minister of Agriculture for the Province of Ontario and GPS Group Principal   Advisor, says that during his time in government, he saw first hand that Canadians grow and   produce some of the finest food on the planet.    

“We now offer the services needed to support those who need to tell that story, not only at home   but also in export markets, which at this time are sadly underserviced,” says Peters.  


The journey from field to fork has never been shorter, nor have consumers ever demanded   more transparency.    


“Just ten years ago, far fewer people cared where their food was grown or how it was made.   Today, consumers are making choices not only on taste, quality and price, but increasingly also   on how the food was produced,” Len Kahn, Kahntact principal, adds.  


“All food is created along a shared continuum: Grow it, make it, sell it, eat it,” says Jo­Ann   McArthur, President of Nourish Food Marketing. “With three companies coming together under   the Nourish Network brand we bring complementary competencies to the table that offer clients   deep knowledge in one stop.”    


The Nourish Network services clients across North America and Europe, with offices in Toronto, Guelph, Montreal, and satellite offices coast to coast.      


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