Workplace and Cultural Development webinar series

Ontario’s food and beverage processing industry is facing an intensifying labour crisis, and modernized employer recruitment and retention strategies are key to attracting and retaining an essential workforce.

This four-part webinar series will engage with industry leaders in HR and business development strategy to provide expert guidance on how to create an attractive workplace culture that grows authentic employer-employee relationships, attracts job seekers, and promotes innovation.

Staffing shortages across core functions of a business, from essential frontline employees to skilled trades professionals, can limit production capacity, lead to staff burnout, and place downward pressures on a business’s bottom line.

The Workplace and Cultural Development series is tailormaid to support Ontario’s food and beverage processors adapt to an increasingly transient labour market. For a total of 4 webinars, subject-matter experts illustrate how to attract and retain an essential workforce by leveraging a desirable company culture and HR best practices. This 4-part series, presented by subject matter experts and facilitated by FBO, outlines measures critical to operational success, and are exceedingly helpful for small to medium sized businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

Programming of the Workplace and Cultural Development webinar series is determined through consultation with a guiding committee consisting of seven members representing a cross-section of labour and training expertise. This includes representation from municipalities, food processing employers, provincial agri-food associations, and universities.

Leveraging Effective Communications to Create an Attractive Workplace Culture

An attractive workplace culture is vital to hiring and retaining an essential workforce. But creating a culture that builds authentic employer-employee relationships, attracts job seekers, & promotes innovation begins with effective communications. 

In the first of FBO’s four-part series on workplace and cultural development, participants will learn how to use effective communications to promote an employee-centric work environment that can become a powerful tool in attracting and retaining essential, frontline agri-food professionals necessary to your core business.

Watch the recording HERE.

Building a Value Proposition that Grows Your Workforce

Today, employees and job seekers enjoy an unprecedented level of mobility as the province’s manufacturing employers seek to fill urgent positions to uphold their core business. When engaging with the industry’s limited labour pool, your business’s ability to grow and maintain its workforce depends on the value proposition your business extends to potential and current employees.

Join FBO for a moderated panel session to discuss how Ontario’s leading employers are building effective value propositions, which are upheld across the sales, marketing, and production functions to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains vital employees.

Watch the recording HERE.

Creating Pathways for Training and Career Development

Employers can see a dramatic improvement in retention and attraction efforts when partnering and investing in employee education, advancement, and success. The 2022 LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report found that employees believe professional development is the number-one way to improve company culture. Neglecting careers development can also negatively impact an organization’s retention. According to a report by The Execu|Search Group, 86% of professionals said that they would change jobs if a new company offered them more opportunities for professional development.

On-the-job career development offers an accessible, affordable, and motivating opportunity that is attractive to current and potential employees. For employers, career development and on-the-job training pathways also provide an in-house solution to address your organization’s labour and skilled trades needs.

Watch the recording HERE.

Fine-Tuning your Onboarding Process and Optimizing for Employee Success

Roughly 90% of Ontario’s F&B processors are small businesses. And often, the task of preparing employees for success at your business is yet another task that falls on the shoulders of just one or two people.

In this session, we cover how to establish an effective onboarding process that leverages the whole team. Participants will also learn the steps to this vital process that extends well beyond a new hire’s first day and the transformative benefits it can have on your organization’s culture, staffing, and productivity.

Watch the recording HERE.

About the Workplace and Cultural Development Series

The Workplace and Cultural Development webinar series is a new addition to FBO’s comprehensive workforce strategy to alleviate the sector’s labour crisis. FBO is committed to supporting Ontario’s processors in attaining and retaining employees by delivering highly accessible and effective initiatives like the CareersNOW! program, which offers job seekers free Job Ready skills training, access to recruiters and employers through job fairs, and insight into career pathways through mentorship.

FBO’s Workplace and Cultural Development webinar series is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.