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Food and Beverage Ontario re-branded in 2014 from the Alliance of Ontario Food Processors because we knew the industry needed much greater recognition for its contributions to people in Ontario and around the globe, the Canadian economy and job creation — after all this is an industry that makes certain high-quality, delicious and safe food is always available.

Our job at Food and Beverage Ontario is to ensure that consumers understand this province is home to leaders in food production from local processors through to globally-recognized multinationals. Our job is also to ensure that businesses remain competitive in regional and global economies that can change rapidly. To do this we build strong relationships with colleagues across from the food supply chain from agriculture to retail, and with governments that have a vested interest in our sector.

To be efficient and resource-smart for our members, we also partner with subject matter experts on top priority issues such as workforce development, innovation and automation, and regulations. You will find Food and Beverage Ontario representing the Ontario food and beverage processing industry on a number of government roundtables and presenting on issues to key decision-makers.

For our members, we also understand that networking and B2B opportunities are essential to success. Food and Beverage Ontario hosts an annual conference and golf tournament that we very much look forward to delivering again in 2022.

Interested in learning more?

Technology Implementation Guide for the Ontario Food and Beverage Sector

A technology implementation “how to guide” to support processors in implementing technology in their operations that will address labour challenges, in addition to mitigating COVID-19 risk factors.

Study of Automation in the Ontario Food and Beverage Processing Sector

A detailed review of current research and our consultations with businesses on the adoption of innovative automation and robotics as a means to address labour shortages and improve competitiveness and productivity.

Our thanks to the member companies who generously gave of their time and expertise for the development of these valuable reports.

Key highlights from

Study of Automation in the Ontario Food and Beverage Sector

Key highlights from

Technology Implementation Guide for the Ontario Food and Beverage Sector