Ryerson University is assessing risk factors for skin inflammation – Processors Needed

Ryerson University’s School of Occupational and Public Health, is undertaking research into workplace health and safety in the food processing sector and is currently conducting surveys to determine risk factors for hand dermatitis (skin inflammation) as part of this research.  Some cases of dermatitis are so severe that an individual can no longer work because of the pain in their hands. According to WSIB Statistics, dermatitis is the second leading occupational disease claim from the food sector.  The research team is looking for processors to participate and willing to have their workforce complete a brief self-assessment survey.  Currently, no other agency is examining this matter and, therefore, this issue will remain of concern for the sector.  The results are confidential and will be employed for research purposes only without reference to the individual worker or the company.  


Interested companies should contact Dr. Chun-Yip Hon via email at cyhon@ryerson.ca or by telephone at 416-979-5000 x3022.

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