Productivity Crisis in Canada?

Productivity Crisis in Canada?

Canadian Manufacturers and Distributors have traditionally lagged behind their American counterparts in terms of productivity. This gap is mainly the result of American business commitment to investing more in information and communications technology when compared to similar Canadian organizations.

A recent report by BDC ( points to an alarming increase in the gap between these two economies.  Here’s a short outtake (1 minute) of the presentation delivered by Michael Denham, President and CEO of BDC.

What is concerning is the dramatic rate of the growth of the gap between the two countries.  Traditionally, Canadian business has relied on currency exchange gaps in order to compete.  That band aid doesn’t seem to be working as well this time around.  So what’s the answer?  It’s time to understand how and why organizations are not competitive.

Improving productivity creates real gains in profitability, quality, new business opportunities and competitive positioning.  Essentially, commitment to improving productivity on a continuous basis is the foundation for long term and enduring success and survival of the business.

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To view the full BDC broadcast, refer to this link.

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