On Demand Webinar: Inventory Control, Manufacturing and Traceability for Food Manufacturers

If you are struggling with multiple systems including hand written logs, this webinar is for you. It will let you know what GS1 and EDI standards are in use in the industry that could be helping you collect and share information within your facility, from your supplier and to your customers.


By understanding what’s available now and what is coming soon, you’ll be able to decide if adding technology can save your company money. Would you benefit from being able to trust the inventory counts in your system? Could good information help you plan production more effectively, allow you to purchase more strategically, reduce picking errors, and eliminate ‘lost’ product that becomes waste? Electronic Inventory control incorporating lot control offers many benefits beyond recall reporting, such as accurate cost calculations for each batch produced.


Whether you are a business owner, work in the operations area (production or warehouse) or are the company financial controller responsible to reviewing technology investments, you’ll leave this seminar with ideas for how to compare and evaluate technology options for your business.




For more information about Minotaur Software please visit: https://minotaursoftware.com

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