Notice to Businesses: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Requirements

It’s Easy to File Your Accessibility Compliance Report

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was passed in 2005, with the goal of making Ontario accessible by 2025.


Businesses with one or more employees need to be compliant with Ontario’s accessibility laws. Additionally, a critical deadline is approaching for businesses with 20 or more employees.


If your business has 20 or more employees you are legally required to file a 2017 accessibility compliance report by December 31, 2017.


The compliance report is a series of yes or no questions. You are asked to download a quick and easy accessibility compliance reporting form at


Organizations across Ontario are already filing their 2017 accessibility compliance reports.


If you have any questions or concerns we are here to help. For a complete list of your requirements visit


What is Accessibility?

It simply means giving people of all abilities opportunities to participate in everyday life. 1 in 7 people in Ontario has a disability. That’s 1.65 million Ontarians. By 2036 that number will rise to 1 in 5 as Ontario’s population ages. Businesses that are accessible will be able to better reach this massive segment of Ontario’s consumers. Being inclusive benefits our society, businesses and economy.


We can help

There are additional resources to assist organizations in meeting Ontario’s accessibility laws. For a complete list of your requirements, tools, resources and templates, visit Organizations can find help by phone or email, or login to a series of online Q&A sessions.

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