How to recycle food waste in line with health standards for agri-food industry

How to recycle food waste in line with health standards for agri-food industry

3 questions to Yannick Morel, Technical Director at Prorec Inc.


With 18 years of experience at Prorec, Mr. Morel has joined forces with several food manufacturers to reduce and repurpose food waste. A question he often encounters: "How to recycle food waste in accordance with the strict health standards of the agri-food industry? "


Hello Mr. Morel, to begin with, which standards are you used to working with?

YM: We are used to working with agri-food factories that are governed, among other things, by the GFSI and HACCP standards. Since food waste occurs mainly at the production line level, we must ensure that we supply equipment that complies with the regulations in place. The same standard may be in place in two different companies but the realities, needs and issues may be completely different and this is where our expertise comes in and allows us to adapt to meet all their requirements.


What are the false concerns your customers face when they consider recycling their food waste? What would be you answer?

YM: The agri-food industries have an important responsibility towards their food waste. They must ensure that when it leaves their site, that it is traceable and managed responsibly to the applicable standards in order to avoid any food fraud. Their main concern is to guarantee that their products are indeed going to be used for animal feed. That's why it's important to use a company like Prorec, which is recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as being a licensed food processor and a livestock feed manufacturer. Through our expertise, we are able to offer traceability of all recovered products as well as the necessary documents to meet the standards in force such as: certificates of destruction, letters of guarantee, etc.


Finally, recycling food waste does not seem complicated! So, what would be your advice for a company that would consider starting to recycle its production waste? What should they pay special attention to?

YM: For companies considering to improved the management of their food waste, they should first identify all possible types of food waste such as ingredients waste, production waste, packaged goods, and establish the approximate quantities generated by each one. When this exercise is done, they should contact a company that is regulated by the appropriate authorities to perform such services like Prorec provides. This exercise will speed up the needs assessment process that will be done and will also provide an opportunity to decrease landfill costs. We could talk more about this element which is rather important for any company in order to stay competitive in the market place.


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