Grind2Energy – Turning Your Food Waste into Renewable Energy Webinar

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Date: March 29, 2017

Time: 9am – 9:30am


Your business is food, which means you produce waste-by-products including organic food scraps. Handling food waste can be a logistically challenging burden to your bottom line and have a negative impact on the environment. It doesn’t have to be that way. Now you can take advantage of your food waste by partnering with Emerson, a global technology company with a new, innovative food waste solution.

Grind2Energy allows you to handle food waste faster, cleaner and easier while producing renewable energy. It’s also a sustainable solution that’s good for the environment, by eliminating landfills and replacing composting.


How does Grind2Energy work?

Grind2Energy is a closed loop system that begins by grinding food scraps into a liquid “slurry” that is pumped to an on-site holding tank. We remotely monitor the levels of the slurry and then arrange for it to be vacuumed from the tank and transported to a nearby anaerobic digestion (AD) facility. At the AD, the methane released from the decomposing food waste is captured and transformed into renewable energy such as electricity, natural gas or compressed natural gas, which can be used as vehicle fuel. Any leftover solids are recycled into fertilizer and used to grow more food.



  1. A cleaner, safer and more pleasant environment: an on-site storage tank means that you won’t need to put food waste into bins and dumpsters (potential eye-sores and bacteria growth that create odor and pest problems)
  2. A sustainable solution: food waste decomposing in landfills releases harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Grind2Energy takes landfill out of the process by converting food waste into renewable energy.
  3. Our non-sewer based technology enables you to dispose of all types of food – from fruits and vegetables, to dairy and meats. Grind2Energy even handles bones, fat, trimmings, and fryer grease.
  4. No large capital outlay at the front end, or surprise added costs down the road. And there’s no equipment for you to buy or service on your own.


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