Executive Roundtable Food Forum hosted by Microsoft

The Food industry is becoming the new economic engine for Ontario. But; is your business ready for the new challenges? Join us for an interactive roundtable discussion and learn from leading industry experts what are the real issues and challenges. Food is different and the needs and requirements to run the business are not the same as “traditional” manufacturing.

“For Food, by Food”

What you will learn:

This round table event will feature business executives sharing how a best practice approach will help align people and processes to business goals. It’s an opportunity for decision makers in the Food and Beverage Industry to discuss the issues with their peers and to participate in an open forum for sharing common business challenges, solutions and recommendations based on real world experience and best practices.

This two (2) hour roundtable will explore how organizations are tackling production, performance and growth challenges including:

  • Getting Ready for Change (Best Practice Approach)
  • Optimizing plant floor and distribution operations to meet the new demands
  • Meeting tracking, traceability and compliance requirements
  • Cost control, monitoring and reporting
  • Customer and Sales Management
  • Funding and Government Grants

Please join us along with our special guest for this roundtable event to share insight, ideas and solutions.

When and Where:

Microsoft Canada
1950 Meadowvale Blvd.
Mississauga, ON
L5N 8L9

Date: April 21, 2015

Time: 9:30 am – 11:30 am 

(Seating is Limited to 20)

To Register:

Phone: 519-212-0695
Email: info@dynammicsfoodware.com
Web: http://dynamicsfoodware.com/round-table-food-forum/

DynamicsFoodware has brought together industry experts to share their ideas, experiences and best practices. Our invited experts in the food industry will share insights, recommendations and solutions based on real world experiences and expertise.

Jon Collis, Protenergy Natural Foods (TreeHouse Foods Ltd.)
Director IT

Protenergy Natural Foods Corporation is a technologically advanced innovative manufacturer of premium quality natural food and beverage products. The company is centrally located in the Greater Toronto area and provides innovative product development expertise. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility enables customers to receive products of the highest quality. Protenergy was acquired by TreeHouse Foods in April 2014.

Jon, as one of the panelist will share with the group his experience on how he approaches the challenges he and the plant faces on a daily basis and the steps he has taken to review and resolve.

Alexandra Barlow, Mentor Works Ltd.

At Mentor Works Ltd., we are dedicated to being experts in all Canadian government grants, loans, and other funding resources. Our passionate team of funding experts helps support businesses across the nation. Learn about funding programs built and designed for the Food Industry.

Arthur Pidgeon, Negenit

Working with the food industry Negenit specializes in delivering breakthrough business transformation solutions to help companies map business and operational processes, manage change, improve operations, reduce cost and protect their staff, IP and customer base during times of change.

Marcus Cote, GE Capital Canada

GE Capital’s Food and Beverage Finance team is focused on providing asset-backed term debt solutions. We partner with companies looking to monetize their fixed assets, diversify their lending sources and require more liquidity than is currently made available. We are much more than just a capex lender. We provide working capital and partner with our clients to unlock the equity in their fixed assets. 

We welcome you to stay behind after the roundtable to learn more and see demos on traceability, lot control and costing. In addition learn more about government grants, funding programs and financing.


Download Event Information (PDF)


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