Energy Conservation and Waste Avoidance: A Lucrative Method for Food and Beverage Manufacturers Webinar

Energy Conservation and Waste Avoidance: A Lucrative Method for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

– The case for a systemic approach to resource conservation.



– November 15th, 12:00 – 1:00PM


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About the Webinar

Among the many priorities of Canada’s top food and beverage manufacturers is the need to maintain profits with less available capital and to make significant inroads in reducing their environmental footprints for corporate responsibility and green marketing reasons. If a company does not first focus on conservation and waste reduction, then these two priorities contrast each other. With cap and trade and/or carbon pricing soon to be implemented across much of the country, and new federal commitments towards the Paris Climate Treaty, the companies that most effectively reduce their environmental footprint through conservation and waste reduction will be those that succeed in a low-carbon economy.


In this webinar, Aleks Poldma will share his experiences working with food and beverage manufacturers to reduce their environmental footprint without substantial investment.


Webinar benefits:

During this 60 minute webinar, get guidance on the most cost effective sustainability pursuits for your company. You’ll also:

  •          Understand differences between conservation/waste reduction and renewable resources
  •          Understand how to look at equipment and systems in a systemic manner


Why is this topic important?

When manufacturers and large companies pursue sustainability targets and goals the prevailing expectation is typically that it will require substantial investment and / or will be highly reliant on the use of renewable energy. When this is the focus, it often results in ignoring a far more lucrative and effective method to decrease a typical facility’s environmental footprint and that is through conservation and waste avoidance. Until the wasting of resources is addressed, renewables, co-gen, high efficiency equipment and other green technologies will facilitate the wasting of resources more efficiently and the full potential financial impact from a company’s prudent environmental goals will never be realized.



Aleks Poldma, Project Engineer, Enviro-Stewards, Elmira, Ontario

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Sustainability Champion, Energy Manager in Training, and Engineer in Training


As a project engineer at Enviro-Stewards, Aleks has led conservation projects at Canadian Food and Beverage manufacturers such as Maple Leaf Foods and Southbrook Vineyard, while being a team member for conservation work at Andrew Peller, Global Egg, Global Vintners, Belmont Meats, Ontario Natural Food Coop, ED Smith, and other leading Canadian manufacturers.

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