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FBO represents Ontario processor businesses of all sizes and categories. We also offer membership for industry stakeholders and partners including suppliers, vendors, academia, associations and other relevant businesses. New members are always welcome.

Why Join?

As your leadership organization, FBO offers access to industry leaders, decision makers and a network of like-minded food and beverage sector individuals.

As your advocate, FBO provides a convincing voice of influence with government on issues of public policy, regulations and programs.

As your collaborator, FBO connects with other organizations on developing and offering resources, tools and the latest information that directly supports business efficiency and competitiveness. 

As your strategist, FBO's Making Food and Beverages a Recipe for Success - 2018-2023 Strategic Priorities ensures a competitive industry.

As your network, FBO brings together your colleagues and industry leaders, a great resource for those just starting out and veteran processors.

As your educator, FBO offers informational and educational opportunities.

To learn more about membership with FBO, please contact Jason Crawford, Director Membership and Industry Relations.

What our members are saying...

"FBO has significantly raised the voice for food processors in Ontario, drawing attention to our critical economic contribution and the impact of various governmental policy and regulatory initiatives on our competitiveness and growth.  We also greatly appreciate the work they are doing in support of innovation and skills development.  In formulating positions and leading new initiatives, FBO listens to its members, shares great information and fosters peer-to-peer networking that helps us make better business decisions."

Rory McAlpine, Senior VP Government and Industry Relations
Maple Leaf Foods Inc.


" The FBO portal is simply amazing , as are the staff who back it up. It's a critical gateway that allows  access to the world  that is The  food and beverage producers of  Ontario. We are proud to be FBO members."

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu
Founder & CEO


"Prior to joining FBO, I had no idea how to expand my co-packing business. After speaking with Jason Crawford and his efforts to hi-light our company on their Food and Beverage Ontario website, it not only opened our company up to a vast new pool of Potential clients - their platform also gave us great visibility which has brought new business to us rather than our having to seek them out."

Rick Sontag

President, FDI Co-pack


"Being a part of FBO has meant being able to learn with the best in our industry, share our thoughts and concerns with government and work together for a better future for Ontario, Canada and indeed the world."

Reza Mecklai, Sultan of Samosas

"With the food processing industry in Ontario experiencing a highly competitive growth rate, FBO still manages to make maintaining their relationships with its members seem easy. Whether the company is a manufacturer, processor or belongs as an associate member, FBO keeps us all up to date with their informative webinars and detailed newsletters."


A few of our proud members...