Yoso Foods

From entrepreneurial roots to Canadian pioneer in plant-based foods

Yoats, creamy coconut, almond & cashew, soygo – what’s in common here? These are all product offerings for the most delicious dairy-free yogurts made by Yoso. The company was founded by two brothers, Erik Lo and Francis Lo, who arrived in Canada from Hong Kong in 1980s for their secondary school and university studies. Instead of returning home, they were encouraged and supported by their father to launch Yoso to recognize their heritage and honour the innovate entrepreneurial spirit from their grandfather– a visionary who commercialized soymilk successfully in Hong Kong in 1940. 

Yoso’s journey began in 2002 with its first product, a soy-based cream cheese followed ten years later with Canada’s first coconut-based yogurt. In 2020, Yoso made the commitment to build a brand new 24,000 sq ft facility from the ground up. The facility currently employs 30 people and produces more than a dozen products. 

The company is obsessed (in a good way!) with making world class dairy free yogurts taking a ‘less is more’ approach to ingredients. Yoso is sold in 1,900 stores across Canada and new markets are being developed in the US. 

Talking with Francis,  it is easy to see that why the two brothers are true trend setters and experts in plant-based food production. The company is a remarkable Canadian success story from local start up, to a mid-sized business supplying international customers. The brothers have clearly  found a niche they are very passionate about –  providing consumers that are mindful of health and eating habits with products that offer a wonderful taste and texture experience. 

Unsweetened coconut yogurt remains the company’s most popular item but as the writer of this story, I can’t resist sharing with you that the chocolate coconut-based yogurt is also divine!

Check out Yoso products at your local retailer or go to for more information and online purchasing. 

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