Michael Bates

Read on to meet with Michael Bates, Marketing Manager – Digital Media & Communications with Steam Whistle Brewing. Enjoy!

Q. Michael, tell us about Steam Whistle.

A. If you love beer, and more specifically craft beer, you probably know Steam Whistle Brewing. We are an iconic brewery located in Toronto that started almost two decades ago and has become one of Canada’s largest and most well-known independent breweries. We are known for Canada’s premium pilsner but this summer we were very excited to launch a new product.

Q. Is this the new Steam Whistle Pale Ale?

A. Yes! Our new Pale Ale is a hop forward, balanced beer with a crisp bite finish. Beer lovers can find the 473 ml tall can in blue right beside our traditional pilsner in green where beer is sold or join us here at The Roundhouse for a pint where we welcome thousands of visitors a year.

Q. If you are Canadian you know Steam Whistle Brewing. Do you have any international marketing plans?

A. We are really focused on the Canadian market and recently opened up new distribution into Quebec. We currently have a partnership with New Belgium in The United States to brew and sell Fat Tire Amber Ale in Canada, but for the immediate future the Canadian consumer is our main focus.

Q. Why are you a member of Food and Beverage Ontario?

A. We always enjoy hosting FBO’s annual conference and connecting with people in the food and beverage sector – it’s important to be a part of the community and share our knowledge. We recently opened a new event space, that is perfect for Toronto functions, and partnered with Toronto’s own, Food Dudes, to create a unique restaurant space called The Steam Whistle Biergarten. Inspiration for this space came from the 5 year reward that all Steam Whistle employees receive; a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest. At Steam Whistle we care about doing right by our community.

Thanks Michael for your time!

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