Celebrating Ethiopian & Eritrean Culture with Teff

If you have enjoyed Ethiopian or Eritrean cuisine you know Injera – the wonderful flatbread made from teff flour that accompanies every meal. Teff is an ancient grain discovered in the Ethiopian Highlands that is naturally gluten-free, rich in protein and packed with nutrients including calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.

When Beteleham and her family arrived in Canada in 1992 from a small village in Ethiopia her dream was to offer authentic teff to ethnic communities but also share their love for the grain with new consumers. It took some time, but the dream is being realized.

Teff is a delicate grain and it isn’t a simple process to import. To ensure the highest quality teff flour, Berhan Grains imports only authentic Abyssinica Teff that is then cold stone milled, on demand, at their dedicated gluten-free facility in Barrie, Ontario. The brown and ivory grain is sourced from South Africa, Ethiopia and Djibouti – a country located in the Horn of Africa.

Before Covid-19, Berhan Grains was developing strong relationships with restaurants and retail grocers to educate consumers on the health benefits of teff, and use as an ingredient in delicious pasta, waffles, pancakes and baked good recipes. 2021 is focused on re-building those connections in Canada and the US, and expanding online sales.

The family behind Berhan Grains are new Canadian entrepreneurs that have enthusiastically shared their rich culture and cuisine for others to enjoy.

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