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Doug Alexander

FBO Director
Belmont Food Group

Doug Alexander, joined Premium Brands holdings as Vice President and General Manager- Leadbetter Foods, most recently accepting the role of Vice President Technical Services, Belmont Food Group (div Premium Brands Holdings), a Canadian food company consisting of 60 leading specialty food manufacturing and differentiated food distribution businesses with operations across North America. Servicing over 22,000 customers, the company and its family of brands and businesses with more than 10,000 employees. Doug’s experience running food processing operations spans over 34 years of  bakery pasta, sauces, vegetable processing and meat processing. 

Currently serving as Director both on the Agricultural Adaptation Council board, and Food and Beverage Ontario board . Doug has also served as Chair of the Agri-Food Management Institute, Chair, Food Starter and  the board of Directors of Provision Coalition. Doug has diplomas in Science as well as Industrial Engineering.