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Redzone Production Systems


Redzone is the first Digital Transformation technology that actually focuses on frontline workers as the productivity engine for production manufacturing. By empowering frontline workers with a digital identity and “a voice” to participate in continuous improvement (CI) activities, you create a learning organization driven by shop floor ownership. As evidenced by our biennial Productivity Benchmark Report, the average manufacturer, regardless of starting performance or CI maturity, increases productivity by 22% in their first 90 days. That’s more than an extra day of production from a standard straight-time week without adding headcount or equipment. What will you do with your extra day?

Typical outcomes Manufacturers can expect:
* Rapid Double-Digit Productivity Improvements in 90 days to increase capacity or lower costs without adding resources
* Dramatically reduced worker turnover without the cost, disruption and ramp up time to train new hires (if you can find them)
* Culture of Sustainable Continuous Improvement that continues to improve into a virtuous circle of performance-driven engagement