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Atlantic Packaging

(416) 298-8101

Atlantic Packaging is a company with rich history, culture, and an indomitable spirit to do good. For the past 78 years, Atlantic Packaging has worked towards preserving the environment and ensuring not a single tree is cut to manufacture boxes. We are proud to state that we save close to 14 million trees every year and continue to work towards achieving a greener planet!

We strive to understand the customer’s packaging requirements. We aim to tailor every experience best suited for each individual client. Our services go beyond delivering boxes: we deliver on customer satisfaction by meeting requirements through customized solutions.

We provide end-to-end packaging solutions to our clients. From corrugated packaging to recyclable paper bag products and retail displays, we understand the market like no other. We oversee all stages of product development from ideation to deployment. We take charge right from recycling material for manufacturing to finding the best logistics and supply management solutions for your business.

We provide more than just packaging – we deliver an experience

Hood Packaging

(905) 637-5611

Established in 1978 as Southern Bag Corporation, Hood Packaging today has evolved into a world-class packaging supplier, with 22 plants located across North America. We make plastic film and bags, woven polypropylene bags, coated and laminated materials, and paper packaging. We are a stable, strong and proud company. And we owe all our success to one thing: our people.

Hood people make a lot more than packaging. Sure, we know how to make our customers happy, and we enjoy working in a safe, caring and sustainable environment. But above all, we like to make working here a great career. We support each other. We thrive as a team. We succeed together.

If you’d like to be a part of something special, consider joining us. You’ll make packaging that helps communities all across our land. You’ll have a voice on issues that matter. You’ll be rewarded for good work. And you’ll look forward to coming to work every day.


(905) 793-0177

Packall Packaging Inc. is a major supplier of flexible packaging to the food industry, with a specialty in meat, cheese, and seafood.

The company always insisted on acquiring quality leading-edge equipment that our employees quickly mastered. When we could not find the quality we insisted on, we built our own or modified it to our specifications.

Packall is a full-line converter in that we manufacture films from resins. We also print, laminate, slit, and make pouches, all at our facility in Brampton. Packall is a registered ISO and SQF Level 3 company with certifications with FDA, KOSHER, GFTC, and OPALTONE Print System (Please see our certification page). These organizations continuously inspect our operations, and they certify that Packall is in compliance with their requirements for registration. You can be assured that the product it supplies is of the highest quality.

Harpak-ULMA Packaging, LLC

(508) 884-2500, ext 125

Harpak-ULMA Packaging offers a very broad range of packaging technologies to suit many needs - from simple, single components to highly complex, automated, fully integrated packaging lines. Discover our many capabilities including tray forming, tray sealing, flow pack, VFFS, meal assembly, thermoforming, automation, cartoning, sleeving and case packing. Our full-service solutions address package design, installation, training, spare parts, service and customer support. Our goal is to provide every G. Mondini and ULMA solution with Rockwell Automation integrated architecture and smart connectivity to reduce solution complexity and maintenance costs, while realizing better quality, capacity, and throughput. We focus on lowering your total cost of ownership and offering the most reliable systems available.