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Chem-Aqua provides custom designed water treatment solutions for boilers, cooling towers and process water systems. Our Resourcefully Green® approach delivers outstanding results and savings to meet sustainability goals, improve efficiencies, increase asset life and minimize the risk of Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens with a program of products, equipment and services that address the unique requirements of each system.

Dillon Consulting Limited

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Committed to leadership in environmental consulting, Dillon partners with clients to support their efforts toward environmentally responsible, compliant and sustainable business operations. Whether addressing liabilities, facilitating regulatory compliance, managing risks, or supporting opportunities, our environmental services group has a proven track record of success in developing solutions that are innovative, technically sound, holistic, sustainable, and cost-beneficial.

Dillon’s environmental management programs provide assurance to investors, regulators, the public, and customers that our clients are operating in accordance with applicable legislation and that appropriate strategies have been identified for managing and mitigating significant risks. Our teams of emissions, noise and vibration experts work alongside governments in developing policies to manage air quality and with industry in creating and implementing compliance strategies for air quality and acoustics. Dillon implements water supply systems and wastewater treatment facilities from small on-site systems to large complex vertical works and multidisciplinary projects.

Founded on the concept of a circular economy, Dillon works with client to create and revitalize modern waste management programs include initiatives to encourage waste reduction, realizing re-use opportunities, optimizing material re-introduction, energy recovery, modern waste collection methods, providing safe management of residual waste and ensuring that initiatives are supported by effective policies and regulations.

In addition, our structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering professionals provide creative solutions to unique problems while continually improving the planning, design, construction, and rehabilitation of commercial and industrial facilities.

Veolia Water Technologies Canada Inc.

514 334-7230

Veolia is the global leader in optimized resource management. With over 163,000 employees worldwide and 160 years of experience, Veolia designs and provides creative and effective water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries.

Building upon the 1,200 Food & Beverage projects it successfully executed across the globe, Veolia is recognized for applying its capacity for innovation to improving the performance of its Food & Beverage clients.

Enviro-Stewards Inc.

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Since its founding in 2000, Enviro-Stewards has created environmental and economic sustainability solutions for a wide range of businesses. These solutions have helped businesses to alleviate ongoing resource and financial concerns by mitigating the source of their problems — not just focusing on the symptoms. Taking a holistic approach, our team conducts a full-spectrum assessment and implementation, focused on prevention, resource conservation, and improving your bottom line. Rather than performing a traditional audit, with a specific focus on solving your end-state dilemma, we examine the root cause in order to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.