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FBO is a not-for-profit, leadership organization dedicated to advancing the interests of Ontario's food and beverage processors.

Our focus is on the success, prosperity and growth of the food and beverage processing sector. We work collaboratively with our colleagues and partners across the agriculture and food supply chain.

Food and Beverage Ontario has prepared the following report as a guide to a more competitive and co-ordinated industry.

CareersNOW! is Food and Beverage Ontario’s workforce development initiative for Ontario’s food and beverage processing industry.

If you’re an employer or someone considering a career in Ontario’s food and beverage industry, you can learn more here

Donate Surplus Food Through Second Harvest

Second Harvest works with thousands of food businesses across the supply chain to rescue and redistribute unsold, surplus food to over 4,400 non-profits and charitable organizations in Canada.

 By donating surplus food, you’re not only feeding those in need but also reducing the environmental impact of food waste, improving employee engagement and meeting your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. Every $1.00 donated to Second Harvest provides $5.45 in social, environmental and economic benefit to the community.

 Get in touch with us and start making a difference today!

FBO Food and Beverage Processor Forum

Welcome to the Food and Beverage Processor Forum. A podcast tailor-made for Ontario’s food and beverage manufacturers. Whether you’re an owner or a professional in the industry with a passion for food and business, this podcast is for you.

For more information on the series, please click HERE

As a small, but entrepreneurial food processing business striving to grow, we have appreciated the hand's on support and networking provided by FBO. This is a community we are proud to be a part of.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu Founder & CEO Tefftastic


FBO represents Ontario processor businesses of all sizes and categories.

We also offer membership for industry stakeholders and partners including suppliers, vendors, academia, associations and other relevant businesses. New members are always welcome.

A few of our proud members.

What we do

As your leadership organization, FBO offers access to industry leaders, decision makers and a network of like-minded food and beverage sector individuals.

As your advocate, FBO provides a convincing voice of influence with government on issues of public policy, regulations and programs.

As your collaborator, FBO connects with other organizations on developing and offering resources, tools and the latest information that directly supports business efficiency and competitiveness.

As your strategist, FBO’s Making Food and Beverages a Recipe for Success – 2018-2023 Strategic Priorities ensures a competitive industry.

As your network, FBO brings together your colleagues and industry leaders, a great resource for those just starting out and veteran processors.

As your educator, FBO offers informational and educational opportunities.

FBO - University of Guelph Co-op Student Partnership

The University of Guelph is pleased to partner with Food and Beverage Ontario to assist businesses in recruiting young, skilled talent and future employees.

We invite employers to participate in this new partnership designed to connect Ontario food and beverage processing industry businesses with students that bring fresh energy, new skills and great ideas to the workplace. For additional details, watch our video.


Breaking Language Barriers to Keep New Canadian Workers Safe in the Manufacturing Sector

Breaking Language Barriers to Keep New Canadian Workers Safe in the Manufacturing Sector


1 in 4 food and beverage manufacturers waiting over a year to hire critical trade roles, according to new study

1 in 4 food and beverage manufacturers waiting over a year to hire critical trade roles, according to new study


FBO Year in Review

FBO - 2022 / 23

We are pleased to share our 2022 / 23 Year in Review! To read the review, please click on the link below.

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