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Taste Your Future

Ontario Food and Beverage Processing Industry Career Campaign – Taste Your Future 

Beginning in January 2015, Food and Beverage Ontario embarked on a province-wide three-year Career Awareness Campaign to raise awareness of the Ontario food and beverage sector as an employment destination with youth and new Canadians. The program is funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

FBO’s program has included comprehensive research to help us better understand our audiences so that we were able to develop compelling campaign strategies and tactics, including a new website

Phase one of our research included an analysis of media coverage, online conversations and comparable websites providing background about what information is available about the industry, career and education options. We also conducted interviews with leaders in secondary and post-secondary education, employment and HR services, settlement organizations and the food and beverage processing industry.

Phase 2 of the research included:

  • A food and beverage processing industry survey launched in July 2015 about the current state of the industry job market – jobs gaps, education options, recruitment tools, etc.
  • A student, parent and new Canadian Choicebook survey launched in August 2015. The Choicebook is an alternative to traditional public opinion style survey and is designed to help build stakeholder support by identifying people’s values and opinions and then assessing whether and how far they are willing to move their positions. It also presents a learning opportunity for participants – and an opportunity to educate and inform.

On March 23, 2016 FBO launched the Taste Your Future campaign formally with a news release and an extensive social media campaign. Check out 

To complement the provincial campaign, FBO hosted a School to Work Transition on March 30, 2016 with stakeholders in education, post-secondary, industry and government to address barriers and advance opportunities for youth on a food and beverage career pathway. 

FBO would like to thank the generous support and commitment of the Career Development and Implementation Team members for their continued enthusiasm and engagement in this initiative. 

For information on the Taste Your Future campaign contact Isabel Dopta -