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FBO Member Exclusives

FBO Exclusive Member Deals from FBO Members!

We are pleased to be able to offer our members these exclusive deals from some of our FBO Members...


Each day your consumers are becoming more aware of the food on their tables – where it comes from, how it’s processed and how safe and nutritious it is. To ensure your success in today’s crowded marketplace, AdFarm is offering a free 2-hour strategic consultation for all Food and Beverage Ontario members. And for any project needs – big or small – members get a preferred hourly rate.

From marketing plans to package design to video and animation – AdFarm does it all. And we do it to help you lead the industry conversation. Learn more about how AdFarm can help you at


Economical Select

As a Food and Beverage Ontario group member, you qualify for a 15% discount on car insurance and a 20% discount on home insurance with Economical Select. You may also be eligible for savings in addition to your group discount, especially when you bundle two or more policies.