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MDS Technical Training Webinar

Event Information

Where: Webinar


Cost: FREE

MDS Technical Training Webinar

Thu, Aug 6, 2020 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

Presented by 3M

Pathogen testing is a critical element of food safety, used to verify food processing controls and identify sources of contamination. Historically, pathogen testing has been challenging due to the complex nature of food matrices, laborious sample preparation and slow time to results. Using an advanced molecular method can help overcome these hurdles.
Join members of the 3M Food Safety technical team for a training session on using the 3M™ Molecular Detection System to rapidly detect food borne pathogens, streamline your process and improve the efficiency of your operation. 
What will you learn? 

  • Overview of pathogen testing
  • How the 3M Molecular Detection System’s LAMP technology works
  • The 3M Molecular Detection System workflow – from enrichment to result
  • Health Canada approved methods*
  • Best practices and frequently asked questions
  • Access to Canada’s current MDS Pathogen Bundle Promotion (limited time only!)

*Health Canada approves Detection of Salmonella spp., and other pathogens in Foods using the 3M™ Molecular Detection System Test Kit Version 2. Click HERE to reference to the MFLP method numbers.

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