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14th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety

Event Information

Where: Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel, 901 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario


Cost: FREE

Every year thousands of Canadians are affected by food-related illnesses. In fact, 4 million Canadians are reported to have food poisoning each year. While most people recover quickly, some cases do become more severe, proving that food safety needs to be everyone’s main focus. With this in mind, any business who handles food or reports to both The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) needs to be aware of new technologies and information that can help them. Luckily, on April 17th, and April 18th, the 14th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety is coming to Toronto and is ready to share what’s on the horizon for the food industry.


Why Should You Attend?

The 14th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety is a great event where businesses within the food industry can meet and learn new information to help better keep Canadians safe from food-related illnesses. And with technology constantly evolving, this is a must-attend event where all of your questions about regulatory changes, food fraud, traceability and audit preparation will be answered. You’ll also be some of the first to see new food safety technologies and why you should begin to adopt them. For more information about the 14th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety visit,


What Will You Gain?

This is a must-attend event for everyone in the food and beverage industry. Not only will you gain insider knowledge as The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will be attending, but you can directly ask them questions about all of your compliance practices. You’ll receive exclusive information and updates that you can’t get anywhere else about how the new industry regulations may affect your business and how you can improve your compliance. Ensuring that you’ll be able to immediately apply what you’ve learned into your business practices to prove that you are an industry leader. It’s also the only Canadian event that brings industry leaders together to answer your questions and show you new technologies to enhance your business.


Who Will You See?

It’s safe to assume that if you attend this event, you’ll hear from some great and knowledgeable speakers. From the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to Kraft Heinz Company, the speakers from these companies will unquestionably bring insight about the industry. Among the speakers, Mantralogix is proud to announce that our very own Kerry Mann will be addressing the Food and Beverage Manufacturing must-haves in the key areas of traceability, compliance and quality control. So if you want to learn more about the importance of being able to trace production from start to finish, following and meeting standards and regulations, as well as ensuring the quality of your product, join the Mantralogix Team during our Gold 30 Minute Case Study!


If you’re interested in registering, don’t forget to use our member Mantralogix's VIP code: MANTRA20 for 20% off the registration!


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